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Cutie Fruity After-School Snacks

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Last week not only marked the longly anticipated Easter four-day-weekend, but the start of Term 2 for many kids around Australia. We know how hard it is to get your little darlings to eat healthily (or at all sometimes), so we’ve bundled together our favourite after-school snacks that are not only nutritious but so absolutely adorable that they won’t be able to resist them.

Fruit Pops

Definitely a great alternative for the after-school icy pole! They’re not only quick and easy, but they look amazing and are full of vibrant colours. The recipe here is filled with kiwi-fruit, blueberries, strawberries, mandarins and coconut water. With such a refreshing taste  we’re sure that you will be sneaking a few of these for yourselves!

Find the recipe here.

Mr Snail’s & Mrs Caterpillar’s

Another too-cute-for-words little delight that takes a moment to prepare, but looks like you’ve spent hours in the kitchen! We love this idea and it will really get the kids into eating different types of fruit and veg in a fun and creative way!

Find the recipe here.

Mixed Berry Buttermilk Muffins

A delicious way to end the day. Jam packed with mixed berries such as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries your little ones will love the sweet flavour and the fluffy textures in the muffins. We love how easy these are to prepare and store, you can eat them throughout the week!

Two-Ingredient Yoghurt Pops

Two ingredients? Is there anything else needed?! We love how quick and easy these pops are to make, but they are also absolutely delicious for young and old. The bright pink colour will make your kiddies think they’re eating real ice-cream, without the sugar hit!

Find the recipe here.

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Fresh Vs Frozen

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A long-held debate between friends, family, co-workers, everyone! There are bound to disagreements when it comes to this topic, so we thought we’d clear it up for everyone!

According to a study published by The Journal of Food Composition & Analysis, frozen produce is often healthier than fresh.

The Facts: 

Fresh fruit loses nutrition faster

So as majority of us do, we head to the supermarket to purchase our fruit & veg, and then leave it in the fridge for the week while we eat away at it. By doing this, the study has shown that our fruit and vegetables are losing nutrition rapidly, at a much higher rate than frozen ones.

Why do frozen fruit/vegetables last longer?

Because, in most cases the produce is picked and chilled almost immediately – therefore locking in the high nutritional content right away. Because it is then kept frozen those nutrients are locked in place until you decide you’re ready to defrost and eat them, meaning your eating fruit/veggies that are still fresh as well as full of vitamins & nutrients.

Should you Pick It?

The study also says that picking fruit/vegetables and eating them immediately is the best way to eat them. However, not many people today have the time to grow, harvest and then pick/eat their own fruit/vegetables all the time, so if your like us and need a simple, healthy option – frozen wins.

What do you think? How do you buy your vegetables & fruit? 

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Delicious Must-Try Food Trends for 2017

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A fermented, pro-biotic drink that comes in delicious flavours and organic ranges. Kombucha is low in calories, and is full of probiotics. It also aids in balancing out your pH level. But it’s so much more than that – it is irresistibly delicious – especially the Raspberry Lemonade flavour.  We love this, and this year it is going absolutely c-raaaazy!


Sushi Donuts

This years latest craze – and it has gone WILD! It’s literally a sushi roll without the roll, and its a donut instead! It has taken the world by storm and is becoming a hugely instagram-able trend! It also tastes amazing and makes sushi fun again.

Acai Bowls

Our favourite (we’re not biased at all). Acai bowls have been around for a year or so now, and they are not going anywhere fast! We love seeing everyone’s different toppings and styles and they taste fantastic!

Nice Cream

Literally ice-cream made from “nice” stuff. It’s vegan, and quite adaptable – you basically just substitute out all the nasties, and add in all the nice-eys. We love the simplest form of nice cream, which is blending a frozen banana (or our frozen banana chunks) in a blender until smooth, and then top with your fav toppings such as peanut butter, blueberries or chocolate!

Poke Bowls

This is one of those things that look super dooper fancy, but is seriously easy to pull off! Add rice to a bowl, and top with raw fish of your choice (or cooked if you prefer), and vegetables such as avocado, capsicum, snow peas, julienne carrots, cabbage and then top with black sesame seeds and soy. YUM!

So there you have it folks – which one are you going to try next? Show us on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #CreativeGourmet

Insta Inspiration

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Happy Monday!

Three things we love – a fresh new week, healthy food and delicious inspiration! Our Organic Acai Puree has been a complete hit with all our amazing customers, and they’re giving us some major #Inspo on our Instagram pages!

Here are a few of our favourite’s that have popped up recently that we just couldn’t not show you!









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Autumn Activities

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As the days get shorter, and summer slowly becomes a distant memory, we begin to realize that autumn is well and truly here.

With warm colored leaves covering the ground and the comeback of boots and sweaters, this season is definitely a cozy one! We’ve lined up 6 fantastic Autumn activities to do throughout the coming months so you can make the most of this stunning time of year.

Hit the Road              


The age-old Sunday afternoon tradition, and all you need is a car, some snacks and a friend or two to come along for the ride! The best part about this pastime if that you can literally go anywhere! For Melbournians, the Macedon or Dandenong Ranges are two beautiful spots to have a picnic and enjoy watching the leaves fall off the trees. Can’t you just feel the serenity from here? A perfect snack to take with you would have to be our Mini Blueberry Friands.

Have a Bake-Off                  

You guessed it, our favorite way to spend an Autumn day. From our Mixed Berry Tarts, to Cherry & Almond cake, you will have your entire home smelling sweet, and your bellies will be full and warm. We suggest inviting some family members over and getting the kids in the kitchen so that you can have a huge day of baking to stock up for Winter.

Play Board games     


Such a great way to connect with family/friends and bring out some competitive fun! Our favorite is the classic Monopoly which gives hours of fun for the whole family and is a great way to teach your not-so-little-ones about the basics of finance!

Take a Hike       


Literally! A walk is good for the mind and the body, so why not rug up and get hiking! Australia has some of the most beautiful spots to walk and hike – so you have a huge array of choices. Once you get into it and start to warm up, we’re sure you will enjoy each minute!

Hop into the Hot Springs

A great way to spend the day with the girls! Hot springs are the “in-thing” right now, and what better way to spend a cool Autumn day? The Peninsula Hot Springs just South of Melbourne is a huge attraction and they will have you relaxing in no time!

Eat your way through Easter          


Because why not? It’s no secret we love our food, and it just so happens that Autumn is home to a favourite holiday of ours, Easter! It’s a great chance to unwind, relax and eat to your hearts content. We recommend our Ricotta Hotcakes, or Blueberry Scones for a real sweet treat over this time of year!

We hope you have now got some #inspo into how to spend your Autumn days! Let us know what you’re up to by visiting our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages! We’d love to see!