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How to: Switch off & Sleep

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It is a common problem for the people of today, and one that can only be overcome by a change in mindset. What are we talking about? Sleep! Most of us do not get anywhere near enough, and are often tired throughout the day and then wide-awake at bedtime. We have a few tips and tricks for how to wind down throughout the evening to get your body ready for sleep. Check them out!



There is nothing that makes us sleepier than reading a good book before bed. Instead of tuning into the television right before bedtime, switch off and jump on the couch or into bed with a good book, and unwind!




A nice warm bath, some candles and even some essential oils if you want to go all out, and you have yourself a relaxation station. A warm bath before bedtime will relax you, and help to prepare your body for bed time.



Take the time

Preparing for sleep takes time, so why not create a nightly routine. A basic outline of a good pre-sleep routine would start with a relaxing and warm bath or shower, followed by your nightly skin care regime (moisturizer always makes us feel clean and fresh before bed time), and then a good book in bed before nodding off to sleep.

Tea vs Coffee

Some people swear by a hot drink before bed (especially in winter) but many of these include A LOT of caffeine. Coffee before bed is a recipe for disaster, and can keep you up all night long. Instead opt for a delicious herbal tea, which will calm you and prepare you for a nice night’s sleep.



One amazing way to keep calm and relax your body is to partake in a yoga or meditation class. Yoga classes usually have a relaxation part at the end, where the instructor will assist you with breathing techniques and relaxation methods. By doing this at nighttime you will relax your body and mind, and therefore induce sleepiness, ready for bedtime.


Clear your mind

Last but definitely not least – clearing our minds from work, life and family issues can be hard. Our technique is to write down a list of all the things you need to do/remember for the next day, or for the week so that your tasks are down on paper. It makes things more manageable so you’re not relying on your brain power to remember everything right before bed time. This clears your mind and worries which makes you more able to shut off and go to sleep.




So there you have it – our tips and tricks for sleeping more soundly and getting ready for bed. How many of you struggle to find a good life/sleep balance? Let us know your methods and how you prepare for a good night’s snooze!


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Instagram Lately: July

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We are overwhelmed by the amazing response to our frozen fruit products. Your creations have been absolutely spectacular! We wanted to share a few of our favorites from the month of July to show off how truly incredible our customers are and how delicious their creations look. We hope you get some serious #inspo from these, as we have!

We love delicious bowls full of goodness, topped with some amazing fruits and grains. When putting together smoothie or Acai bowls colour is everything!

Um, hello toppings! These incredible Acai bowls are styled to perfection, and topped with some of our absolute favourite fruits – check out that passionfruit!

Oh-em-gee! We are actually drooling over these delightful creations. Healthy pancakes and a smoothie topped with granola and fruit = absolute heaven. Perfect for eating all year round!

We LOVE colour. The bright purple and pinks really pop when photographed and are absolutely delicious to eat!

Heavenly winter bowls… We are in love with these delicious breakfasts. Perfect to warm up with on a winter’s morning.

Now those are some amazing Instagram post’s right there! Keep showing us your inspiration via Instagram (@creativegourmetofficial) and Facebook – Creative Gourmet. We are LOVING each and every single post!

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How to: Pronounce those unusual food names

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Although we may not admit to it, we all struggle with those new, trending food names and muffle them under our breath when speaking out loud. With new health foods trending regularly, we thought we’d break down those hard-to-pronounce food names for you to avoid those awkward moments with your foodie friends, enjoy!



It’s our #1 choice for breakfast, lunch and sometimes, even dinner. We love our Frozen Organic Acai packs, so we thought we’d teach you all how to say it correctly. You pronounce Acai – “Ah-Sai-Ee”. So many people pronounce this “A-Cai-Ee”, or “Ac-Eye”, so now you don’t have to be one of them!



Now this has been around for a little longer, so majority of you will already know how to pronounce this one but for those who don’t – it’s pronounced “Keen-Wah”, not “Kween-Oh-Ah” or “Quinn-Oh-Ah”. You can thank us later.



Now this one is a little tricky – majority of us have tried this delicious Asian food trend, and go back time and time again for more! But do you actually say what it is, or just point to it on the menu? Many of us would automatically pronounce this as “P-O-H” or “F-Ow”, when in actual fact it is pronounce “F-uh”.



This one, we constantly go to order as an entrée, or share plate and kind of just say “cha…. That one” and point at our menu’s and make sad eyes at the waiter to say “don’t just me please”. This one is pronounced “shahr-KOO-tuhr-ee”.




This one has got me stumped SO many times that I’ve not ordered it because of the embarrassment of trying to say it aloud! I’ve attempted so many times, trying “Ed-A-Meme” or “Eda-Mamme” and after the waiter gives me confused looks, I end up just pointing to it on the menue and putting my head down! The correct way to pronounce this is “ed-dah-mah-meh”.

Alas, there we are! We hope this saves you some embarrassment at your next dining experience! #Creative Gourmet

Banana Deserts for Winter

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There is nothing more warming in winter than a dessert. I’m definitely not the only one who craves something warm, filling and sweet before I nod off to sleep, right? One of my favorite flavors is banana, so I’ve tried to incorporate bananas into my winter recipe list!

I’ve found some great flavor combinations, with caramel, raspberry and butterscotch topping the list. So here are some of the fantastic recipes that I’ve collected. You can thank me later!

Banoffee Pie

Surprisingly, this dessert has been one that I’ve seen pop up on various blogs, and websites but have never tried! With cream on top, sweet and sticky bananas with caramel in the middle, and a crumbly pie base to top all of that off! This recipe is fantastic and will have you craving for more (just make sure you make this on a cheat day so its guilt free!)




Sticky Banana Butterscotch Puddings


A take on the delightful sticky-date pudding that will make your taste buds burst! The combination of banana and butterscotch will make your kitchen smell amazing too. The burnt butterscotch flavor paired with some lightly whipped cream on top is complimentary textures, and you’ll find this Donna Hay recipe absolutely divine!


Caramel Banana Pudding Parfaits


Um, does this look absolutely-positively-amazing or what?! I love how quaint and sweet these delightful desserts are, they’re perfect for a dinner party. With layers upon layers of wafer biscuits, caramel sauce, banana’s and cream this recipe ignites the senses and will keep your tummy warm before you jump into bed!



Banana Raspberry Bread

Our delightful banana bread recipe is a quick, easy and versatile for desert, breakfast or snacks. The pops of raspberry gives you a sweet-yet-tart taste to the desert. It’s able to be eaten as it is, warmed up, or toasted – depending on what your preference is!



So there you have it, some fantastic banana desert recipes for you to enjoy this Winter. Which one will you choose to warm you up? Show us your creation at #CreativeGourmet or @creativegourmetofficial.

Banana’s For Breakfast

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Bananas are an all-year-round favorite in many household, and our Frozen Banana Chunks enable you to make delicious creations with ease and convenience. We’ve put together our favorite banana breakfast recipes for you to try and enjoy throughout the cooler months!

Banana Pancakes


These delightful creations are perfect for a Sunday morning, post sleep in! They’re easy to make and the banana adds a delightfully sweet, natural flavor to the pancakes. Top with some thinly sliced banana and passion fruit, or more blueberries!



Berry & Banana Smoothie

A quick and easy breakfast that is healthy and nutritious. With four simple ingredients that you’ll probably have in your kitchen, you can easily create this delightful breakfast and drink it on the run.



Banana Raspberry Bread

Okay, so it’s not a typical breakfast food, but for indulgent mornings it’s a nice sweet treat. We love the texture, and pops of flavor that the raspberries provide. Toast and add a little butter for a warming treat that will have you wanting more!


Banana Overnight Oats

This recipe is a scrumptious mix of banana’s, oats, chia seeds and cinnamon. Perfect for frosty mornings when you just need something to warm you up! By preparing the night before and storing in mason jars, these could be easily transported on your way to work.




Show us your creations on Instagram using #creativegourmet or tagging @creativegourmetofficial.