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A Bite of a Good Health

Frozen fruits are an inexpensive way to get your daily dose of fruit and veggies. Households which include frozen fruits into their routine tend to have a more well-rounded diet. With so many choices within the frozen aisle, there are lots of possibilities to find frozen fruits in Australia that you want with Creative Gourmet.

Advantages of Frozen Fruits:

Fruits and vegetables are picked at top ripeness and often frozen within hours, locking in nutrients and taste. The vitamins and minerals are preserved in fruits which are frozen. This means there is no change in their carbohydrate, protein or fat contents. In some instances, frozen ingredients have higher nutrients and mineral levels than their fresh counterparts. This is because nutrients in fruit are at their peak right after being picked. As fruit is frozen right after it’s harvested, it retains a higher nutritional value.

Benefits of Using Frozen Fruits: 

  1. Quick healthy fixes – Using frozen fruits in Australia can significantly decrease meal preparation time. You do not need to scrub, cut or peel them. They’re ready to use straight out of the freezer. Given how easy they are to use, you may want to eat healthy food at home instead of ordering take-out.
  2. No additives – Freezing is the most natural way of preserving fruit. We package fruit so quickly that we do not need to add artificial preservatives to keep our product tasting the way it should. To be sure, usually take a look at our ingredients.
  3. Frozen fruits maintain their form – Frozen berries in Australia will stay as beautiful as the day they were picked.
  4. No compromise on nutritional value – You do not want to sacrifice nutritional value when you choose frozen produce. Frozen fruits are collected when they have the highest quantity of vitamins. This extends to water-soluble nutrients. In 2 out of 3 instances, frozen fruits contain antioxidant nutrients like beta-carotene, lutein, anthocyanin, and polyphenols.
  5. Seasonal fruits can be eaten year-round – After harvest, fruits continue to ‘live’. The respiration (release of oxygen) of fruits and vegetables keeps on going until all supplies have been depleted. Respiration almost stops after fruits are frozen. This means you can access fruit which might otherwise be out of season.
  6. Prevents exposure to heat and oxygen – Freezing helps prevent the oxidation that occurs to produce when they are exposed to heat or oxygen. This means you can access fruit which might otherwise be out of season.

Final Thoughts: 

Looking at the copious benefits, frozen fruits are considered some of the best things for your health. As such, Creative Gourmet is trying to help everyone stay fit and active by producing the best frozen fruit in Australia.