Delicious Must-Try Food Trends for 2017


A fermented, pro-biotic drink that comes in delicious flavours and organic ranges. Kombucha is low in calories, and is full of probiotics. It also aids in balancing out your pH level. But it’s so much more than that – it is irresistibly delicious – especially the Raspberry Lemonade flavour. ¬†We love this, and this year it is going absolutely c-raaaazy!


Sushi Donuts

This years latest craze – and it has gone WILD! It’s literally a sushi roll without the roll, and its a donut instead! It has taken the world by storm and is becoming a hugely instagram-able trend! It also tastes amazing and makes sushi fun again.

Acai Bowls

Our favourite (we’re not biased at all). Acai bowls have been around for a year or so now, and they are not going anywhere fast! We love seeing everyone’s different toppings and styles and they taste fantastic!

Nice Cream

Literally ice-cream made from “nice” stuff. It’s vegan, and quite adaptable – you basically just substitute out all the nasties, and add in all the nice-eys. We love the simplest form of nice cream, which is blending a frozen banana (or our frozen banana chunks) in a blender until smooth, and then top with your fav toppings such as peanut butter, blueberries or chocolate!

Poke Bowls

This is one of those things that look super dooper fancy, but is seriously easy to pull off! Add rice to a bowl, and top with raw fish of your choice (or cooked if you prefer), and vegetables such as avocado, capsicum, snow peas, julienne carrots, cabbage and then top with black sesame seeds and soy. YUM!

So there you have it folks – which one are you going to try next? Show us on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #CreativeGourmet