Banana Deserts for Winter

There is nothing more warming in winter than a dessert. I’m definitely not the only one who craves something warm, filling and sweet before I nod off to sleep, right? One of my favorite flavors is banana, so I’ve tried to incorporate bananas into my winter recipe list!

I’ve found some great flavor combinations, with caramel, raspberry and butterscotch topping the list. So here are some of the fantastic recipes that I’ve collected. You can thank me later!

Banoffee Pie

Surprisingly, this dessert has been one that I’ve seen pop up on various blogs, and websites but have never tried! With cream on top, sweet and sticky bananas with caramel in the middle, and a crumbly pie base to top all of that off! This recipe is fantastic and will have you craving for more (just make sure you make this on a cheat day so its guilt free!)




Sticky Banana Butterscotch Puddings


A take on the delightful sticky-date pudding that will make your taste buds burst! The combination of banana and butterscotch will make your kitchen smell amazing too. The burnt butterscotch flavor paired with some lightly whipped cream on top is complimentary textures, and you’ll find this Donna Hay recipe absolutely divine!


Caramel Banana Pudding Parfaits


Um, does this look absolutely-positively-amazing or what?! I love how quaint and sweet these delightful desserts are, they’re perfect for a dinner party. With layers upon layers of wafer biscuits, caramel sauce, banana’s and cream this recipe ignites the senses and will keep your tummy warm before you jump into bed!



Banana Raspberry Bread

Our delightful banana bread recipe is a quick, easy and versatile for desert, breakfast or snacks. The pops of raspberry gives you a sweet-yet-tart taste to the desert. It’s able to be eaten as it is, warmed up, or toasted – depending on what your preference is!



So there you have it, some fantastic banana desert recipes for you to enjoy this Winter. Which one will you choose to warm you up? Show us your creation at #CreativeGourmet or @creativegourmetofficial.