5 Simple Ways to Add More Fruit to Your Day

Fruit + Kids = tricky business.

Parents are constantly asking themselves how much fruit is enough for their little ones. The Australian Department of Health recommends 2 servings of fruit per day, which is a real struggle for some families! We’ve written down 7 handy hints on how to smuggle some more fruit into your families daily routine.

These ideas are so fun and easy that everyone will be requesting more!

1. Sunday Pancakes

A Sunday breakfast staple in many households! Most of the time we associate pancakes with maple syrup and that’s about it – but a great way to add some fruit and flavour into this scrumptious breakfast is to add some mashed banana to the batter! Simply defrost, and then mash some of our Frozen Banana Chunks until they are relatively smooth. Add this to your pancake batter and your little Miss or Mr will never know the difference, as it is so sweet! Top with some of our Mixed Berries for a delightful burst of colour!

2. Sweet or Savoury

At dinner we tend to steer away from fruits and focus on vegetables, grains and protein. By making simple additions, such as adding our Frozen Mango pieces to a salad, or topping your favourite pizza with some Pineapple, you can get your kids munching away on fruit without even realising it.

3. BBQ food.

When you think BBQ, no doubt the last thing you think of is fruit. Normally its meat, bread and a salad if you’re lucky – but if you’re committed to increasing your families fruit intake, there is no need to stress, we have you covered. A great way to add some flavour to your BBQ food is through skewers or kebabs! Simply add some Pineapple Pieces into the mix and off you go! A great flavour combination is pork, capsicum and pineapple.

4. Bulk up your Cereal

A simple way of adding more fruit to your day is to start with breakfast. A simple idea is to add Banana Chunks into your porridge with a dash of cinnamon. For a splash of colour add some raspberries. This will keep you full all morning!

5. Top up your Toast

Photo Source – Pinterest

If you’re a peanut butter lover, we suggest to add Bananas to accompany the nutty flavour. Some other great combinations include Strawberry and Cream Cheese, or Blueberry and Ricotta!

Well, there you go. Do you now feel prepared to tackle your toddlers this week and get more fruit into their days? Let us know what you come up with by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram using @creativegourmetofficial or #CreativeGourmet.