5 Quick Tips to Stay Motivated This Winter

Well its safe to say the cooler weather has well and truly kicked in, and with the cooler weather, comes a lack of motivation. It’s so important to keep up a healthy diet, and fitness regime during the cooler months – as they say “Summer bodies are made in Winter”! We’ve put together five simple tips to staying fit and healthy during the cooler months to keep you on track and feeling good all year round.

Exercise in the morning

Yes, we know its hard, and it is so much more tempting to stay in bed and keep hitting snooze. BUT – if you get it over and done with early you have no excuses, and you have nothing to think about for the rest of the day – because it’s done! Most gyms will have a 6 – 7am class you could do, and most of them are open 24/7 now so you can jump in and get out all before breakfast!

Keep hydrated

  1. One thing that is so hard to remember in Winter is to drink water. You will find that most people will drink a lot more tea and coffee and completely forget about their water bottle all day. Drinking more water keeps you hydrated and feeling fresh all day & therefore much more motivated to head into the gym.

Meal prep

Seriously the best part about winter is eating warm food that fills your belly. One way to stay healthy and not opt for the quick takeaway burger at lunch time is to meal prep. If you’re not sure what this is, check out our meal prep blog post here. By meal prepping, you can control portions, weigh ingredients, and keep up your veggie/fruit intake, therefore keeping you on track to achieving those fitness goals all throughout the day.

Buy a cute new wardrobe

  1. So its not necessarily going to make you fitter, but it certainly makes you feel better. A new fitness outfit can make you actually want to go to the gym, and not avoid it. It doesn’t have to be expensive and could be as simple as a new top, but I guarantee if you look good, you will feel good and be much more motivated to get up and go!

Grab a buddy

  1. Now this can be a friend, a dog, or your partner – it really does not matter, because no matter who you choose, you won’t want to let someone else down. Choose a class together that requires a partner (like boxing for example), and set a day and time each week to meet up and do the class. When someone else is counting on you, regardless of your motivation levels, you won’t want to bail on them – and by the time your done, you’ll be pumped for the rest of the week!

So there you are everyone, are you feeling ready to go and achieve those goals?! We sure are! Remember that anything you do today will make you better tomorrow. Show us a fitness selfie on our Facebook or Instagram pages to be featured! #CreativeGourmet